At a very young age, colors and forms seemed already to be old friends when at 3, clowns already appeared on the paper during her first experiences with pencils and brushes… During adolescence, it was through poetry that the deep songs of Georgia's soul were able to express themselves. Her poetry was noticed, applaused, and she turned out winner of various competitions.

 When following the artistic tracks squetched for her by life and the earth itself/herself, the artist Georgia got her first initation in stylism and fashion salons at the federal university of Ceara where she not only bathed in the world of illustration but also of fotography. In 2008 her entire aspirations enabled her to fly over the ocean and land on French soil on search of her creative blossoming. Georgia started by attending fashion courses in the city of Lyon, and at the same time she developed her paiting and drawing skills during her free time, on those moments of relaxation when she took pleasure. Paiting was for her a strengh that also turned out to be a motivation for creation, freedom and spirituality. Thanks to the local artists she met, their encouragement and recognition, her dreams of creative fashion were propelled to the French capital the following year. There, the canvas and acrylics became the expression of her soul and unity. Between september 2009 and november 2010, she concocted her own artistic Parisian formula attending on the one hand painting and drawing courses at the Ecole supérieure des Beaux arts with the teachers Gilles Marrey et François Mendras, and on the other hand courses at the studio Saint-Fargeau with Francine Avrouin.

 Through her paintings Georgia manifests the beauty that exists in everyone of us. The magical and spiritual universe materialises in its naked and raw form, a simple and concrete truth, where the sacred and profane meet. The water, the air, the earth and the fire communicate with colors and themes embodied by myths, archetypes and the artist's internal visions. Inspired by her spiritual experiences, Georgia materialises on her paintings and frescos the transcendental and the internal beauty of that tree, which is nourished by sensuality and pleasure, and which reveals a savage nature and spiritual conscience that long for meeting uninterruptedly .

 Georgia is life thined down in colors and forms whose meaning spreads in an internal movement, sharing with the spectator, the encounter of the self, a self that transcended the limits of body and matter.